Flight Attendants Top 5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag

tips for beating jet lag

If you need some tips for beating jet lag then listen to those who fly often. There’s no way to turn this around: jet lag is tough, and all pilots and flight attendants have been through it. From insomnia, exhaustion, dizziness and so many other more symptoms, jet lag can really get a grasp on your wellbeing and comfort.

Going through so many time zones on such short notice can be exhausting and make you dread long distance travelling.  But there’s no need to get to this point because there are many valuable tricks on how to make sure you keep this jet lag far, far away from you.

If maybe you never got to understand what is there for you to do to keep yourself feeling good while moving along different time zones, there’s surely someone out there who have given it a lot of thought and trial: experienced aircrew members!!

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Here is the most precious advice that the world’s most experienced jet lag fighters could give you!

1. Check Out Which Way Around the World You Are Flying

Tips for Beating Jet Lag

The first thing in efficiently addressing jet lag is knowing if you’re flying West or East.  Studies have shown that it’s easier to adjust to flying west rather than east, so if East is your direction, make an effort in waking up as early as possible for the days before your flight and try to stay away from light as much as you can.

When you arrive, try to let as much light in – this will make your internal clock adjust faster.  If instead you are heading west, you should do the opposite and try to stay as late as possible for the days before your flight and soak as much light as you can.

2. Exercise and Drink a lot of Water

drink lots of water when flying

The one thing all experienced aircrew members would advise you is to make sure you exercise and stay hydrated. Getting those endorphins up and running is the sure way to keep your body not only in a state of flow but also to make it abler to seek and restore its balance.

So the next time you’re getting ready for a long distance flight, try to keep a workout routine throughout the days before your trip but also try to stick to exercising at least for a short while after you land. Keeping your body active and hydrated are the basics for it to be as receptive and able to adjust to such intense changes.

How to Beat Jet Lag: A Practical Guide for Air Travelers
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3. Skip the Caffeine

melatonin for jet lag

This one is a tough one for many. You might even ask, wait, doesn’t caffeine help me stay awake when I need to? It does, but when your body is under such stressful changes, caffeine only brings more turmoil to your system.

If there’s anything you should much rather consider instead of simply resorting to caffeine and ending up with headaches and even stronger discomfort, is making friends with supplements such as synthetic melatonin.  This hormone can really do wonders into resetting your body’s natural sleep cycle and help you adapt.

4. Don’t Forget Your Eye Mask

airline eye masks

Aircrew members love eye masks, and the reason is a very simple one: when your body is confused about whether it’s time to sleep or not, you can simply push the switch button whenever you want. Another valuable insight?

Give in to sleep whenever you body craves for it, regardless of whether it sounds like a reasonable idea or not. Remember, your body is going through quite some rough patches with all the changes, so it’s only fair you give yourself time to process everything and sleep through the exhaustion. After all, your body does know best.

5. Keep Your Meal Timings

reducing jet lag

This one applies especially for short trips, as it assures that you won’t have to put your body through too many changes in such short notice.

If everything else changes around you and your inner clock is turned upside down, you can give your body some comfort by allowing it to stick to its normal meal timings, even if it means you’ll have to have lunch at midnight. This way, you won’t have to readjust to your body’s meal routine once you come back home.

When you’re just starting out in the aviation industry, jet lag can seem like a colossal challenge. But, with the right tips, you can learn how to beat it and stay fresh regardless of the time zones.

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