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There has never been a better time to learn to fly:

  • Gain a Private Pilots Licence now and it could be the starting point for a long career in aviation.
  • Flying is immense fun and hugely inspiring.  There are many benefits; mentally, emotionally, socially.  
  • By obtaining your PPL you’ll be joining a club comprised of those who see the world from a different perspective. 
  • We are on the threshold of a new generation of electrically powered aircraft that will make flying quieter and cheaper.
  • You can choose from all kinds of aircraft, from; microlights and gyrocopters to sleek modern aircraft like a Cirrus.

About PrivatePilotsLicence.org

This site is designed to be a source of inspiration and information for anyone considering learning to fly and those already in training or qualified.  In this site you will find:

  • A collection of videos with tips and advice about the process of learning to fly.
  • A directory of Flying Clubs and Schools in the UK and all over the world.  If  you administer a club, school, or any other related organisation you can add a free listing along with some images.
  • Suggestions for flight experience days for you, or to give as a gift to inspire someone to fly.  Don’t think about it – do it! Or give someone the gift of a lifetime.  Choose from aerobatic, glider, microlight, helicopter, gyrocopter, or vintage aircraft flights, or just take to the air in a conventional light aircraft.
  • Videos showing aircraft in flight, shot both from the ground and with in-cockpit cameras.  

Aviation Business Directory

  • Check out our aviation business directory.  You’ll find the name, address, website, phone number, and social media account links to over two thousand aviation businesses around the world.  These include flying clubs, flight schools, FBOs, skydiving training, glider training, and many more.

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Aviation Videos

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  4. Flight Schools

Contribute To This Site

We welcome contributions from  guest authors/aviators who have articles they’d like to see published on a site like this.  Simply contact us with your suggestion.

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