Best Headset For Student Pilots

In this post I’m going to introduce you to the ZeroPoint Aviation Z-1 headset which is easily a contender for the best headset for student pilots.

Best Headset For Student Pilots - The ZeroPoint Aviation Z-1

Let me begin by quoting ZeroPoint Aviation’s own description.

“The Z-1 Headset provides affordability with the best available features, ideal comfort and noise reduction with ultra-soft gel ear seals, crystal clear sound with built-in dual driver technology, and exceptional durability backed by our lifetime warranty”.

This headset is definitely affordable when you compare the price against the market leaders but there is only one way to test the features and quality and that’s to go flying and using them.

So I met up with PPL holder Mike  outside a small hangar at Solent Airport, which is a General Aviation airfield in southern England with a long history dating back to 1917. Right away, Mike pre-flighted our aircraft for the test, G-COVZ, a 45 year old Cessna 150 and christened ‘Covid Zulu’ for the day! If you’ve flown in a C-150 you’ll know they’re not the roomiest of cockpits when there’s two grown men aboard, but it was adequate for our needs.

G-COVID or Covid-Zulu!
G-COVID or Covid-Zulu!

With pre-flight checks complete Mike and I unpacked our headsets, strapped in and then plugged in. The Z-1s have a sturdy build quality and after a few minor adjustments they were comfortably in place. There is a AUX port and they ship with a spare AUX cable – ideal for passengers and pilots alike who want to plug in that all important music.

Right from the start we were struck by quality. Mike mentioned that the microphone in particular was very clear. “They seem to have got the frequency just right,” he remarked. Another great feature is the independent volume control for each ear. We had a few minutes to adjust our headsets as we taxied from the hangars on the north side of the airfield to the holding point for runway 05.

At the hold, Solent Airport
At the hold, Solent Airport

Ready To Depart

While we were parked at the hold Mike swapped out his Z-1 headset and tested his David Clark’s, then returned to the Z-1. Apart from perhaps a little extra noise cancelling from the David Clark headset account of a tighter grip, there was no difference.

We took off and turned south to fly in the airspace south of the airport, over the Solent, just to the north of the Isle of Wight.

Transmission and reception were very clear. We had no trouble understanding each other or the messages to and from the Tower and from other aircraft in the vicinity. Our experience in this flight test bears out the testimonials on the ZeroPoint Aviation website.

All in all, Mike and I were pleasantly surprised by the build and the quality of the mic. You can pay three times as much for a headset but you won’t get three times the quality. So much of the pricing, as with many items in the aviation world (any anywhere else), is decided by the brand. Yes, you could go for a name that’s been around for a long time and which your fellow flyers recommend but why pay so much when you’re not going to notice any significant difference?

If you’re already a PPL holder then Z-1 headset is an ideal purchase as a spare for passengers too.

Mike doesn’t normally fly with his eyes shut.

Best headset for student pilots at this price

Visit and check them out for yourself. The Z-1 headset is an ideal choice for both student pilots and qualified PPL holders. Great quality at a very affordable price.

The ZeroPoint Aviation Z-1 headset is now available to purchase at $129 with free shipping for purchases in the USA. You can purchase with all the usual credit or debit cards or by PayPal. All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Catch up with ZeroPoint Aviation on Instagram at @zeropointaviation and on Facebook at

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