Flight Experience Days

Flight Experience Days

There are all kinds flight experience days in which you can get a taste of flying for the first time, or which you can give as a gift of a trial flight.  This could be something gentle and relaxed like a short flight in a light aircraft, or the adrenalin rush of a Top Gun experience in an aerobatic aircraft, or gentler flights in vintage aircraft, microlights or gliders. 

Any of these will leave you with something to talk about for years to come.   We’ve listed a few examples below which you some idea of the budget range and locations around the country.

Anyone who feels the urge should at least book a trial flying lesson to give themselves the opportunity to experience flight in a light aircraft, helicopter or microlight. During the lesson the flying instructor will let you take control of the aircraft and you’ll be able to see how it responds to light touches on the control column or yoke.

Flight Experience Days – Gifts

Similarly, anyone who is already flying might want to encourage others to take up the sport by giving someone the gift of a trial flying lesson. If you are fortunate to be able to fly then perhaps you’ve taken up friends and loved ones as passengers already, but sometimes it’s better to give those same people the chance to try flying for themselves under the watchful eye of an instructor. 

Alternatively, contact your local flying club and speak to an instructor who will be happy to give you a range of options to suit the budget, occasion and personal preferences.

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Flight Experience Days
If you could fly in any aircraft, which would you choose?