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  1. CAA highlight achievements in their latest general aviation work
    … radically improve the regulation of General Aviation (GA) in the UK. This … time for the issue of Private Pilot licences from 20 days in … flying schools on the new private pilot theoretical knowled …
  2. Gyrocopter crashes during landing attempt at Nashua Airport
    Gyrocopter crashes during landing attempt at … 3 p.m. after a gyrocopter, a small, single-seat helicopter … 3 p.m. after a gyrocopter, a small, single-seat helicopter … …
  3. Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke becomes UK’s first carbon-neutral gyroplane flight school
    … : 17:01 14 January 2020 Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke Archant “As … Boxall, Chief Instructor at the Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke. “Our first … …
  4. KVRB wants to go back to being a general aviation airport
    … after being reclassified from a general aviation airport to a commercial airport …
  5. Two Killed as Light Aircraft Crashes in SA
    … passenger were killed when a light aircraft crashed in the South African …


  1. European Plan for Aviation Safety 2020-2024 published
    2017 was considered the safest year ever in commercial aviation history; but events in 2018 and 2019 reminded us that safety can never be taken for granted. The 9th edition of the European Plan for Av …
  2. EASA issues CZIB on Iran; retains short-term recommendation to avoid all overflights
    COLOGNE, January 16, 2020  – The European Union Aviation Safety Agency today issued a Conflict Zone Information Bulletin (CZIB) recommending that flights over Iran be avoided at levels lower than 25,0 …
  3. Revised Regulation on EASA Fees and Charges – Impact on Third Country Operators Authorisations
    As of January 2020, the revised Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153 on the fees and charges levied by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has entered into force.  For the vast majority …
  4. Ukraine International Airlines flight PS-752 crash
    The thoughts of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and its staff are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the crash of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS-752. EA …
  5. Easy Access Rules for Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) updated
    EASA updated the Easy Access Rules for Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services, including the ED Decision 2019/022/R amending AMC and GM to ATM/ANS rules on software assurance level requirement …

Flyer Magazine (UK)

  1. Toyota invests millions in Joby eVTOL
    The world’s biggest car maker, Toyota, has invested $394m (£301m) in Joby Aviation’s electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) air taxi, making it the lead investor in the project. “Air transporta …
  2. CAA’s General Aviation Unit reports on its achievements
    Did we do OK? The General Aviation (GA) Unit of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has reported on its 2019 work and achievements. It’s not asking for a score but feel free to comment below. The CA …
  3. Europa Aircraft launches new kitplane, the Elite
    The UK’s top kitplane manufacturer, Europa, has announced a new aircraft, the Elite which is due for release in 2020. Europa Aircraft is now owned by Swift Technology Group which has been developing a …
  4. Garmin launches electronic ‘steam’ instruments
    For a lot of older aircraft, while a conversion to a full glass cockpit sounds appealing, it’s a huge job and expensive. You’ve also got to learn how to use it. How about a straight swap of all those …
  5. CAA consultation on ab initio training in Permit aircraft
    The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched two related consultations that propose expanding the types of aircraft allowed to be used for initial paid private pilot training. If enacted, it wou …

Pilot Magazine (UK)

  1. Show Report: DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

    With Sebring out of the running, the war of the Florida events is over and DeLand becomes the Sport Aviation Showcase | Words & photos: Marino Boric

  2. V9 0NE custom number plate for sale

    See below for more details

  3. Cross-Channel groundschool course available with FlyerDavidUK

    Full day groundschool on everything you need to know to fly to France and beyond

  4. Max Conrad’s 1961 westbound round-the-world record broken

    US pilot Bill Harrelson and his Lancair IV unofficially broke the westbound round-the-world record in December

  5. CAA highlight achievements in their latest general aviation work
    Proposals to increase options for training aircraft are among many other aspects of progress in GA regulation over the last few months that the CAA have been involved with … GA News

  1. Pilot Lands Cessna 182 On California City Street
    Reported An Engine Failure Inbound To Bakersfield Municipal Airport A pilot landed a Cessna 182 on a city street in Bakersfield, CA last Friday after reporting an engine failure to air traffic control …
  2. California Pilot Convicted Of Lying To The FAA
    Falsified Information About A Medical Condition A California pilot has been found guilty on two counts of making false statements to the FAA, and two counts of falsifying, concealing or covering up ma …
  3. Closure Of Ottawa, Canana Flight School Leaves Students In Limbo
    Ottawa Aviation Services Closed Abruptly In Mid-December After losing its accreditation as a private career academy on December 12, Transport Canada on December 17 cancelled the school’s certificate t …
  4. James Johnson Named ASA Director Of Aviation Training
    Brings A Decade Or Experience In The Aviation Industry To The Position James Johnson has been named Director of Aviation Training for Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. (ASA), a publisher of aviation …
  5. ANN Welcomes Lakeland 2006 Sponsor: Avidyne!

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