LEGO “Queen of the Skies” Flight Deck

LEGO 747

Ever imagined the “Queen of the skies” Boeing 747 flight deck made of LEGO?  Well a LEGO fan has created just that, and one day you might be able to have one yourself!

The Boeing 747 Cockpit on LEGO Ideas is a cutaway model and incorporates all the main features including instrument panels, moving flight controls and sliding seats. The designer, Darren Jones from Australia, says this was challenging to design and went through many iterations to work out aesthetics, integrity and ability to build. He also came up with the concept to add a light pack with translucent instrument panels to give an amazing lit-up cockpit look.

To become a real LEGO set, the idea must achieve 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas site within the next 2 years and then LEGO might make this an actual LEGO set. What an amazing gift for aviation enthusiasts.

To support, the idea simply requires your free vote on LEGO Ideas, and after voting, log in or create a LEGO account for your vote to count. It’s already passed the halfway mark, so head over now and help give it your support

Main features include

  • Detailed cockpit.
  • Linked yokes (joysticks) with pitch movement (both with rotating handles).
  • 4 independent throttle controls as well as flaps and spoiler levers.
  • Instrument panels including main display, centre console and overhead console (which in a perfect world would be printed tiles).
  • Sliding seats and moving armrests (seats slide via a hidden channel after using the drop away floor lever – pretty cool). 
  • External fuselage matching aircraft contour.
  • 2 pilot minifigures and display panel.
  • 1,873 parts and a rubber band.
LEGO "Queen of the Skies" Flight Deck

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