New and used pilot headsets for sale

We all know how expensive aviation can be. Even the most basic items like a headset can really get up there in price. I believe that needs to change and I’m aiming to do things differently by offering innovative and feature rich products at extremely reasonable price points.

From brand new headsets in multiple different colors loaded with options normally found at a higher price, to custom built headsets, to repairing and modifying your old headset, to extremely affordable options for helmets and a innovative new exclusive products, I do it all.

Pilot Headset Repairs, Modifications, and Rebuilding

To start with, my entry level headset comes in 8 color options, includes a bag and 5 year warranty. Has twin 3.5mm jacks which slow you to feed in music, and record ATC and intercom audio, along with independent Left and Right volume controls and even the ability to adjust the microphone sensitivity!

Not to mention that they also come with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month full trade up option. Within 12 months of purchase you can trade it back in and get 100% of what you paid towards another headset of higher value.

I’ve got many other items on my website, like my helmet kit, and universal headset kit.

Free shipping within North America as well. I’m always researching and developing new products.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page to stay updated. I’m here to answer any of your headset questions.

You can check the QH Aviation Services website out at:

Aviation Headset Features

  • 8 different color options
  • Not 1, but 2 3.5mm aux inputs/outputs located on the main cable. (You can easily record ATC and intercom audio via either of the 3.5mm ports.
  • Independent left and right volume controls on the cable, not on the earcups. (This allows less holes in the earcups allowing better noise reduction)
  • Microphone gain adjustment on the cable (adjust the microphone for optimum preformance even with aircraft without squelch adjustments on their audio panel)
  • Kids sized headbands available
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 2 month full trade in value towards upgrading (Decide you want the ANR and Bluetooth, or maybe want the Carbon Fiber ANR and Bluetooth headset and get what you paid back as credit provided the headset is in good condition)
  • Custom Headsets, I can custom build a headset and add PET sleeves over the cables (in many different colors) for extra abrasion and UV protection, as well as add your name, aircraft reg, or even the aircraft reg and date of your first solo onto the ear cups.

ou can check the QH Aviation Services website out at:

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