CAE Oxford Aviation Academy PPL Ground School Study Guides

The Oxford AviationPPL ground school study guides are an excellent addition to any (Student) Pilot’s bookshelf. They are large (A4) books with clear text and full colour graphics that make even the trickiest parts of the syllabus a pleasure to read. I much prefer these to black and white A5 sized books and have bought the whole set.

Sometimes, even the keenest student pilot can sometimes have his or her enthusiasm dampened a little by having to study one part of the ground school syllabus or another (although for others, such is the love of the subject that even the driest part of the Air Law material is easily digested!), so anything that makes learning easier and quicker is worth the investment.

However, we shouldn’t rest on our laurels once the PPL exams have been passed. All pilots would benefit from regular revision of these subjects lest they forget them and fall into bad habits. One never stops learning in aviation and a bit of ground school revision for the qualified PPL holder on a cloudy or foggy day is time well spent.

This collection of seven books may see a tad expensive at first but when you consider the amount of information they contain, how much easier they make the process of studying and revision, and the fact that they’ll give you ample reading material for many years to come, altogether they are one set of books on my shelves that have pride of place.

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