CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Private Pilot Training Software

When OAT Media published their Private Pilot Training Software in the mid 2000’s it was a breath of fresh hour for those used colourless text books.  This range is probably the best on the market, certainly in the UK, but then again there isn’t much competition when it comes to PPL groundschool DVDs.

This is probably due to a combination of factors; the quality of these particular DVDs, the cost of creating and marketing a new collection, and the size of the Private Pilot market.  However, it’s the quality of the DVDs that clinches it in our view.

The explanations and multimedia give you a groundschool class that you can refer back to again and again, with all the convenience that a DVD set provides. The quality is excellent, and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.  Even when you’ve gained your PPL you will find these DVDs useful for revision on those days when VFR flying is not possible due to the weather.

Buy them as a gift for the student pilot in your life, but think once you’ve seen one or two you’ll want a set of your own.  Keep them near to hand all the year round and refer to them often. They’ll help you to pass the groundschool exams and they’ll keep your knowledge fresh as you progress through your flying career.

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