Aerobatic Flights

Aerobatics in light aircraft can be both tremendous fun for anyone (as a one-off experience) and very instructive for people learning to fly or who already have a pilot’s licence.

If you have never flown before or have spent very little time in a cockpit then an aerobatic flight can be wild ride in which you are thrown in at the deep end, but don’t worry, the instructor knows that you are there to enjoy yourself and he/she will ensure that you, the paying customer, will do just that. Your comfort and enjoyment (and safety) are of paramount importance so the experience will be tailored to your preferences.

For those who are already flying, either as student pilots or qualified PPLs, aerobatics can teach you a great deal about the aircraft and fine tune your appreciation of the principles of flight. All that theoretical study about the flight control surfaces is suddenly brought alive as you learn how to flick-roll, loop, spin, and otherwise explore the aircraft’s performance envelope.

When choosing an aerobatic flight experience consider the aircraft type. The power, speed, and performance of aircraft that are capable of performing aerobatics varies from the comparatively slow and sedate vintage aircraft like a Tiger Moth to the top of the range power and performance of the Slingsby Firefly, Extra300 or Bulldog. The Extras and the Bulldogs among these product listings are those with the red and white colour scheme.

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