Drone Flights

Drone flying lessons and drone experience days are a great way in which to find out whether or not you’re ready to commit to buying your first drone. They are also a good way to enhance your skills and fly in different environments if you’re already the owner of a drone. For some, a drone business has become their main occupation.

When drones first started to appear in 2014 and thereafter there was a little suspicion within the general aviation community. It was thought that they would be a hazard to light aircraft and there were those who thought that no good would come of them. Since then the commercial drone age has taken off, legislation has been introduced by the CAA, and there have been far fewer incidents of any note between aircraft and drones.

Properly flown and with adherence to the new drone flying rules (which will be explained to you during your lessons) there is no reason why drones shouldn’t part of the aviation family. They are unmanned aircraft albeit small and flown at low level. While drone operators and private pilots remain mostly in different camps the two circles do intersect and there are aviators who fly both manned and unmanned aircraft.

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