Flight Simulator Experiences

Flight simulator experiences appeal to all kinds of people for several reasons. For the aviator they provide a means to hone their skills when the weather or short days of winter prevent actual flying time. For the recreational flight sim enthusiast they provide a method for experiencing simulated flight in a wide variety of aircraft; from Spitfires to modern airliners. Likewise, for anyone who hasn’t been in a cockpit before and who has no intention of ever flying in a real aircraft they provide a way to enjoy the thrills of being in the cockpit.

Modern day flight simulators are a far cry form the basic models of previous years. Full motion airline simulators provide most of the physical sensations of flight and train the candidate by providing valuable feedback to their muscles as they practice approaches and other maneouvres. These professional level flight simulators are used by commercial airline pilots but they are also open to the general public including those with no previous experience. The instructors are professional pilots themselves so you’re guaranteed a first class experience with none of the risks and a time to suit, whatever the weather outside.

There are other simulators that provide a realistic experienc with wrap around screens and a real or replica cockpit, giving the candidate a taste of flight in a Spitfire or a fighter jet.

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