Flying Lessons

We strongly advise you to book a flying lesson or a trial flight, but what’s the difference between a flying lesson or a trial flight? The two terms are often used interchangeably. If there is any difference at all then it could be that a trial flight is more of a flight experience. It’s a flight in which you will be taken aloft by the flight instructor who, after a thorough pre-flight briefing on the ground, will introduce you to the sensation of being in the air in a light aircraft or helicopter. This flight experience might last as little as fifteen minutes, though we would recommend you book at least thirty minutes to give yourself time to fully appreciate the sensation. This trial flight or flight experience may be a one-off event that may or may not be something you can log as flying under instruction in your logbook.

A flying lesson on the other hand is more likely to be exactly what the term suggests; a lesson that is part of the PPL syllabus. So if it’s your first lesson (or one of your first lessons) then it will obviously be something that could include flight experience but it more likely to include more time with you at the controls under the watchful eye of your instructor. Consequently, these flight experiences that mention ‘land away’ will involve instruction in the approach and landing at an airfield other than the one at which your lesson began.

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