Glider Flights

Gliders come in three general categories; air launched, winch launched, and motor gliders. The latter have an engine which means they can operate independently of a winch or a tug aircraft. They can take off and climb to a suitable altitude under their own power. Once they are at the desired height the pilot switches of the engine and begins the glide. The engine can be turned on again at any time in order to regain height. However, the addition of the engine and all the controls and fuel it requires adds extra weight, so motor gliders can’t glide as well nor as far as conventional gliders.

Air launched gliders are towed aloft by a tug aircraft. Once the glider pilot is at the desired altitude the cable is release and the glide begins. The tug aircraft returns to the airfield with the cable in tow. Gliders that are launched by winches on the ground gain speed and take off and then have to gain altitude themselves, so much depends on the skills of the pilot and the weather.

Glider flights are very enjoybable, whether you’ve flown before or you’re a seasoned pilot. The absence of any engine noise and vibration makes it a very different experience to any other form of flying. Give it a try and find out for yourself.

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