Gyrocopter Flights

Gyrocopter flights can be a very different experience when compared to flights in conventional light aircraft. Some like to describe the difference as similar to that of comparing a ride in saloon car to a ride on a motorbike. In a light aircraft cockpit you’re protected from the wind and the engine noise but in most gyrocopters you’re exposted to both. Some of the more modern gyrocopters (autogyros or gyroplanes) have canopies that create a more comfortable cockpit environment, if that’s what is required. The addition of a canopy also means the aircraft can fly in colder and wetter weather than open cockpit gyrocopters.

The sensation of flying in an open cockpit aircraft with a low and basic fuselage around you really gives you the feeling of being at one with the air and the elements. The sides of the cockpit in a gyrocopter are much lower in comparison to an open cockpit flight in a vintage biplane, so although they are both open cockpit flights the gyrocopter experience is much like flying in a flexi-wing microlight.

Gyrocopter flights are a very affordable introduction to flying. Check out the cost of learning to fly and obtaining a PPL (G) licence.

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