1 Hour Light Aircraft Flying Lesson – Hertfordshire


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Learning to fly is a bucket list dream for many a person, and it’s easier to achieve than you may think! With this private 2-seater aircraft flying lesson, you can gain first-hand knowledge and experience from a professional pilot, whilst taking in the incredible views of the Hertfordshire and London countryside. On arrival at the aerodrome the session will begin with a briefing, similar to those given to students gaining a licence. Even though this is a taster lesson, you’ll still be treated like you’re in training to give you a realistic idea of what it takes to become a pilot, and you may decide to continue with lessons afterwards! The lesson starts with a demonstration from the pilot on the ground, before you get strapped in and smoothly take off. Once airborne, the pilot will hand the controls over so you can have your turn flying the plane, whilst taking in the incredible views around you. Depending on the route taken, you could see: The Shard and the London skyline, Wembley Stadium, the Lee Valley Lakes, Luton Airport and more! The pilot will then take over again to land, where you can share your unforgettable experience with family and friends in the airfield cafe. Flying lessons make wonderful experience gifts for aviation enthusiasts, and are often the start of an exciting new hobby that can be developed over a lifetime. Treat a lucky someone to a one hour flying lesson in Hertfordshire and make it a year to remember!


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