20 Minute Microlight Air Experience Flight – Yorkshire


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Flying Experience Days: Thought by many to be as close as it gets to being able to fly like a bird, Microlighting lets you experience true freedom of the skies! This is your opportunity to feel the unique thrill of soaring in these nimble and lightweight flying machines – prepare to be amazed by the incredible handling and zippy speed as you enjoying stunning birds-eye views of East Yorkshire. You can choose between a dual-controlled Flexwing or Fixed Microlight (open cockpit or enclosed) and your experienced and friendly instructor can hand over the controls to offer you the chance to fly the aircraft yourself! This counts towards a Microlight Private Pilot’s Licence, should you wish to pursue flying further. This is an utterly exhilarating experience that you will remember for the rest of your life … so take to the skies for the ultimate adrenaline rush!Your Microlighting experience will begin with a detailed health and safety briefing from an experienced pilot, before you get kitted up in your flying gear! You’ll then step aboard your Microlight aircraft, and your pilot will soon have you up in the air and soaring through the sky while you sit back and enjoy the breath-taking views beneath you! Your pilot can then pass you the controls so you can have a go doing some piloting yourself – this is great fun! Your flight will last for 20 minutes and then you will land back on solid ground … and no doubt leave absolutely buzzing!


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