30 Minute Aeroplane Simulator Experience


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Enjoy the exhilarating thrill of flying a plane without even leaving the ground with this Aeroplane Simulator experience. For budding pilots this is the ultimate way to experience what it’s really like to sit in the Captain’s seat of a fully functional fixed-base flight simulator, which has been crafted to look and feel like a real cockpit with authentic flight-deck, dials and controls. Every button and switch is accurate in looks and replicates the functions of a real aircraft. Upon arrival you will meet with your flight instructor, who will help you plan your flight session, including your take-off location and landing destination as well as the time of day and weather conditions. Your instructor will show you to the simulator, where the engines are already running and you only need to buckle up and settle in ready for take-off. Whether you want to practice take-offs and landings, try your hand at engine failures, fires or hundreds of other emergencies or simply test your hand and eye control by flying into some of the world’s most challenging airports, you decide what you want to do. Every experience is tailored to your level whether you are a complete novice or a fully trained airline pilot.


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