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If you’re interested in learning to fly but would rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, then this half hour Flight Simulator experience in Birmingham is absolutely ideal. In a close copy Beechcraft King Air aeroplane, you’ll experience the powerful feeling of take-off, flying, and landing all in the safety of a building. HD panoramic wrap-around screens aid the realism of the experience, meaning you get expert tuition and a truly life-like sensation. On arrival you’ll be given a briefing on the plane controls and allowed to choose your flight path; decide between gliding over the palm trees in Bali, swooping around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or even landing at the busy Heathrow airport – plus more! There are also several weather conditions you can fly in, with the 6-DOF motion platform giving the ultimate feeling of a realistic flight experience. A great gift for flying enthusiasts, those looking to become a pilot, or simply for someone who loves to try new things, a flight simulator experience will never disappoint.


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