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For the most realistic pilot experience imaginable, the 30-minute flight simulator experience in Brighton and Northampton is a cut above the rest! From the instant you arrive at the airport-themed reception, you’ll be transported into the world of top airline pilots, experiencing exactly what they experience and learning precisely what it takes to fly commercial aircrafts across the globe. The flight simulator experience can be taken in either Brighton on the south coast, or further up north in Northampton, with both venues having top of the range equipment and qualified instructors. On arrival you’ll be greeted by an operator and shown to the waiting room, where you can enjoy light refreshments and take in the realistic airport surroundings. After meeting the instructor, it’s time to plan your trip! Choose a location from thousands of airports around the world and select how you’d like the weather to be, before deciding what time of day you’d like to fly (if only it was that easy in real life). Stepping into the simulator, you’ll find the aircraft already fired up and ready to go! For thirty minutes you’ll soar through the clouds (virtual clouds), taking tips from the expert instructor by your side and gaining a truly unique insight into what it takes to become a qualified pilot.Flight simulations are wonderfully different gifts for those who love new adventures, or for aviation enthusiasts looking to get into the world of commercial flying. With the option to bring a passenger to share the experience with you, and a choice of two locations in the UK, this 30-minute flight simulator experience can be enjoyed by all.


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