30 Minute Lancashire Flight Simulation Experience


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This 30 minute flight simulation experience in Lancashire is the most realistic flight experience you’ll have, unless you actually become a pilot! In fact, if anyone you know is toying with the idea of becoming one, this is probably the best gift you can possibly give them… The flight simulation experience kicks off with a cup of tea or coffee in the ‘departure lounge’ of the flight simulation centre in Stacksteads, Lancashire, before you have a full pre-flight briefing to introduce you to the flight simulator and its controls. You’ll have your photo taken for your crew pass, then it’s time to get in the ‘cockpit’ and get ready for take off! Take a bit of time to get used to where everything is, and when you’re ready, prepare for take off. You can choose from an unbelievable range of different possible flights; fly over New York’s skyline of skyscrapers, experience the famous checkerboard approach to Kai Tek airport in Hong Kong, or just practice take off and landings for the full 30 minutes. The flight will be tailored to meet your needs, and the world really is your oyster, so have a think about where you want to go and choose wisely! You can even bring up to twelve people along with you to sit in the cabin as your passengers during your flight.So if you want to try something completely different, or are looking for a fantastic gift idea for someone who dreams of flying a plane (or even someone who is afraid of heights!), then look no further than this 30 minute flight simulator in Lancashire!


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