30 Minute Light Aircraft Flying Lesson – Hertfordshire


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Flying Experience Days: Ever looked out of an airliner window and wondered what the pilot’s view looks like? Come and find out! Take in some amazing views of London as well as the Hertfordshire countryside at the controls of a 2-seater aeroplane. When you arrive at the aerodrome, you’ll be given a briefing similar in style to the ones given to students gaining a licence. This will give you a flavour of what it is like to learn to become a pilot. The instructors will demonstrate how to use the basic flying controls of the aeroplane on the ground, before covering the safety aspects of flying, strapping in, and getting airborne! As well as being able to fly the aeroplane yourself, you’ll get to take in some brilliant views. Depending on the route taken, you could see: The Shard and the London skyline, Wembley Stadium, the Lee Valley Lakes and Luton airport (to name a few). Your instructor will demonstrate the controls and then it’s over to you! Once back on the ground, you can share your experience with your family in the airfield cafĂ© or perhaps enquire about lessons! This experience makes an amazing gift and could even be the start of what is a very addictive hobby.


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