30 Minute Motion Flight Simulator – Virgin Experience Days Voucher


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Strap into the cockpit of a (simulated) jumbo jet with this 30 minute Motion Flight Simulator on a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320. You’ll feel like you’re taking to the skies all while staying firmly planted on terra firma, so you’ll be in complete safety from simulated take-off to imaginary landing. These simulators were all either owned by airlines for pilot training or formerly actual planes, so you know when you’re getting ready for take-off you’re in one of the finest simulated experiences around. You can take your pick between the Boeing 737, one of the best-selling jet commercial airliners ever, and the Airbus A320, with a full glass cockpit and a pioneering set of controls. Whichever you choose will allow you to channel your inner pilot in style!


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