30 Minute R22 Helicopter Lesson in Swansea


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Helicopter Experience Days: Take to the skies for one of most exhilarating, challenging and rewarding experiences out there – learning to fly a Robinson 22 Helicopter in Swansea, an ideal experience gift for a daredevil friend or an unforgettable activity to do yourself! At South Wales’s top flight centre, you will be climbing aboard the awesome R22 and learning from expert, friendly helicopter pilots with years of experience. Under such expert tuition you will be surprised at how quickly you can improve! You might be very serious about learning to fly and hopeful of obtaining your pilot’s licence; or you might just want to experience the unique sensation of flying a chopper through the sky… either way, this fantastic lesson is the ideal introduction to the joys of flying! Your half hour lesson will kick off with a safety briefing before the basics of flight are explained to you, and you are shown how to control and fly the R22. Then, with your instructor sitting beside you, you will take to the skies, and once you are safely high enough you will take control and fly the helicopter yourself! Weaving in and out of clouds and soaring through the sky will give you an adrenaline buzz like never before, and we bet that you will be totally hooked by the time you land! So whether you want to keep this brilliant flying lesson to yourself or would rather surprise a loved one with an incredible experience gift that they will treasure forever, nothing about this experience will disappoint!


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