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For those with an interest in commercial airline flying, or those who just love to try new and exciting experiences, the 1 hour Boeing 737-800w flight simulation in Cambridgeshire makes an utterly unique gift. Under the guidance of a qualified pilot, you’ll take-off, fly and land a replica aircraft in the most realistic manner possible!The experience begins on arrival at the venue near Peterborough, where you’ll be greeted by the friendly reception staff and meet the pilots leading the session. The simulator engines will already be running and the aircraft will be prepped at the end of the runway, so all you need to do is listen closely to the instructions and smoothly take-off! The whole experience is an hour long which means you’ll be flying a circuit in ‘real time’, practising increasingly challenging manoeuvres, controls and challenges. The flight can be tailored to your interests, so whether that’s perfecting a difficult landing, overcoming an engine failure, or flying in adverse weather conditions, you’re sure to experience the utter thrill of realistic commercial piloting! The hour ends with both feet back on the ground (not that you ever really left…), and a de-brief from the pilot beside you.The Cambridgeshire simulation is suitable for beginners and experienced pilots alike, making the day hugely enjoyable for everyone and sure to be remembered for a lifetime.


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