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Enjoy the flight without the height; this Lancashire flight simulation experience is a brilliant insight into the life of a pilot that gives you the opportunity to pilot a perfectly simulated flight in a state of the art 737-800 flight simulator – and you can even take your friends and family along for the ride! The 60 minute flight simulation experience begins in the ‘departure lounge’ of the flight centre in Stacksteads, Lancashire. Over a cu of tea or coffee, you will have a full briefing to introduce you to the experience and the incredibly realistic flight deck you’ll be manning throughout your flight simulation. You’ll have your picture taken for your ‘crew pass’, before heading for the cockpit to take take a seat at the controls and begin your flight simulation! You can choose the flight you want – recreate your last trip to Mallorca, find out what it’s like to land at Heathrow Airport, or even take a an intense approach over the Alps to Innsbruck. You will have a full 60 minutes from take off to landing, which you can enjoy all to yourself – or share with a lucky guest, if you’re feeling generous! With this flight simulation experience, you can bring up to twelve of your family and friends along with you to sit in the ‘cabin’ and watch you enjoy your flight! If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to pilot a plane or you’re looking for an absolutely fantastic gift for a loved one who dreams of being a pilot, try this superb, futuristic flight simulation experience in Lancashire!


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