60 Minute Flying Lesson In Coventry – 2 Seater


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: This 60 minute Coventry flying lesson is a superb introduction to one of the most thrilling pastimes there is. Flying light aircraft is an incredibly exhilarating experience, and for those who are seriously thinking about getting their private pilot’s licence, there could not be a better introduction. This is a really comprehensive lesson that will give budding pilots a chance to get to grips with all the basic skills and techniques used by pilots in small aircraft. The flying lesson begins with a briefing from your experienced pilot instructor while you are still on solid ground at the Coventry airfield. You will be taken through some basics about flying, and about the two-seater aircraft you will be taking control of! Once you have talked through your flight, its time for take off! You will take off and soar over the lovely Coventry countryside, down to Silverstone and back again. During the flight, your instructor will hand over control to you, so you can get a real understanding of how the aircraft handles. After your flight, your instructor will take you back down to earth, where you will have a debrief and receive a flight certificate! This flying lesson in Coventry is a fantastic gift idea for men and women who have a sense of adventure, and want to try their hand at something totally unusual, daring and different.


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