60 Minute Flying Lesson In Coventry – 4 Seater


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: This flying lesson in Coventry is a fantastic gift idea for men and women who have a sense of adventure, and want to try their hand at something totally unusual, daring and different. For a whole hour, participants will get to grips with a four-seater aircraft, and earn a certificate that can be used towards a National licence. The experience begins at the Coventry airfield, where you will greet your expert instructor and be given a safety briefing on learning to fly and handling the aircraft. You will be taken through the basic controls and procedures, and taught all their is to know about the four seat aircraft you will be flying! Once you have discussed the route you will be taking, it’s time to take off! After a smooth take-off executed by the pilot, you’ll soar over the scenic Coventry countryside, looping down to Silverstone and back again. If you’re feeling up to it, the pilot will hand over the controls and you can take over the flying! For a whole hour you’ll be up in the sky before the pilot lands the plane back at the airfield, where you’ll receive a debrief and your flight certificate. The 60 minute flying lesson in Coventry is a superb introduction to one of the most thrilling pastimes there is, and learning to fly a four-seat aircraft just makes it that extra bit more impressive! The lesson will give aviation enthusiasts a chance to get to grips with all the basic skills and techniques used by pilots in a small aircraft.


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