60 Minute Motion Flight Simulator Experience


Step into a pilot’s shoes for 60 minutes with this superior flight simulator experience which also includes a choice of three professional simulators!

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Get into the pilot’s seat (literally) and learn first-hand what it’s like to pilot a commercial aircraft with this exceptionally realistic professional simulator experience! You’ll have a choice of three aircraft, and they’re all entirely different: the Aer Lingus simulator, which actually moves to provide a more realistic experience and was used to train Boeing 747 pilots; the Sabena Airlines machine, which moves and vibrates and was used to train Boeing 737 crew, and the brand-new British Airways Airbus A320, which is actually a real cockpit back engineered into a simulator! You’ll begin by meeting your instructor, a past or present pilot, who’ll give you a thirty-minute briefing on flight techniques, controls and aerodynamics, before you get in the captain’s seat and he or she becomes your co-pilot! You may choose from a range of airports in various countries to take off from and land in, so whether landing in Hong Kong in the middle of the night is your ambition or you’d like a sunny flight into New York, you’ll have the chance, and even forget it’s a simulation!


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