737 Flight Simulator Bedfordshire


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Welcome aboard this flight simulator in Leighton Buzzard! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to pilot a Boeing 737 airliner here’s your chance to find out as you and Captain Mark take to the virtual skies in what is a very realistic fixed-based jet airliner simulator. This flight simulator might be in the heart of tranquil Bedfordshire but once you’re inside you really feel like you are sitting on stand at the airport waiting for ground clearance for push-back. Inside the cockpit it’s an exact copy of a Boeing 787-800NG on the exact scale. The seats imported from the USA are from a decommissioned 737 so we reckon they could tell some stories of aerial escapades for sure! It’s going to be a highly authentic experience as everything is just as it would be on a real airliner. You’ll be able to participate in highly realistic cockpit procedures right from cold start on this sim thanks to its highly advanced hardware and software. Those genuine 737 seats are motorised too so you’ll feel every bump in the runway as you touchdown (hopefully) on the centre line. Throttle and yoke feedback is particularly lifelike too and the high-tech sound system means you hear every sound on the flight deck. Many people who experience this flight simulator in Leighton Buzzard say they completely forgot where they were and felt they really were in a real plane with all the exhilaration that goes with it too. As for where you go on your inaugural simulated flight you’ll leave Bedfordshire far behind to fly complete sectors have a go a multiple landings test your mettle in various weather conditions – whatever takes your fancy as a would-be commercial pilot. Seasonal favourites include the mountain backdrop of Innsbruck a quick hop from Lake Geneva to Sion or the all-time classic that is Hong Kong’s former Kai Tak airport which sees you flying amongst the skyscrapers. Captain Mark is the perfect host for these flight simulator sessions in Leighton Buzzard. He’s relaxed easy-going and has the knack of explaining just what you need to do to get this big metal tube to fly in the sky in a simple to understand way. And if you do nail your approach on the glide slope to land dead on the centre line he can always add a crosswind in for an extra challenge!


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