90 Minute Four Seater Flying Lesson in Glasgow


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Experience a sensation like no other as you soar through the skies in a Cessna with a friend during this superb 90 Minute Four Seater Flying Lesson in Glasgow. Nothing compares to the sense of freedom and excitement that flying offers, and if you have never flown before, this exhilarating aerial experience is bound to get you hooked. Whether you want to obtain your Private Pilot’s Licence and become an independent pilot, are searching for an extra special experience gift for a friend, or just want to enjoy a thrilling new activity, this lesson won’t disappoint. Taught by expert pilots at the top flight training company in Scotland, you’ll learn the basics of flight and how the Cessna flies before climbing aboard a four seater light aircraft with your instructor and your guest. Your guest will sit behind you and you will sit in the front beside the instructor – once you’re high enough you’ll be passed the controls and can enjoy some fantastic hands-on flying experience yourself! Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline buzz as you fly, and you and your guest will both be able to enjoy stunning views of the North Lanarkshire countryside. This is your chance to gain an insight into the joys of flying; sharing the experience with a friend makes it even more special!Your 90 Minute Four Seater Flying Lesson will begin on arrival at Glasgow International Airport in North Lanarkshire, where you (and your guest) will be greeted by your instructor. The lesson will begin with a thorough pre-flight safety briefing, and a talk on how to use the controls of the plane and how an aeroplane flies. Then you will both climb aboard the light aircraft along with your instructor, who will perform the exciting take-off before handing you over the controls once you are high enough. You will be flying for 90 electrifying minutes, after which you will land back at the aerodrome and have a post-flight de-briefing, before being awarded a certificate – this can count towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence should you wish to pursue flying.


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