90 Minute Two Seater Flying Lesson in Glasgow


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Experience the most thrilling and unforgettable activity around as you take to the skies during this electrifying 90 Minute Two Seater Flying Lesson in Glasgow. Whether you are serious about becoming an independent pilot yourself and would like to put the 90 minutes flying time towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence, or just want to experience an exciting new aerial activity that will leave you buzzing, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic introduction.Taught by expertly skilled pilots at the top flight training company in Scotland, you really will be learning from the best, and after going over the basics of flight and how the aircraft flies, you’ll be feeling confident enough to put what you’ve learnt into practice! Climbing aboard a Cessna light aircraft, you will be handed the controls once you are safely airborne and then it’s all down to you! This is your chance to gain a real insight into the extreme thrill and joy that comes with flying – so experience it today and don’t look back!Your 90 Minute Two Seater Flying Lesson will begin on arrival at Glasgow City Airport, where you will be greeted by your instructor. The lesson will begin with a thorough pre-flight safety briefing, and a talk on how to use the controls of the plane and how an aeroplane flies. Then you will climb aboard the light aircraft along with your instructor, who will perform the exciting take-off before handing you over the controls once you are high enough. You will be flying for 90 adrenaline-pumping minutes, after which you will land back at the aerodrome and have a post-flight de-briefing, before being awarded a certificate – this can count towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence should you wish to pursue flying more seriously. The perfect introductory aerial gift for thrill-seekers, or those who have always dreamed of gaining their wings, this 90 minute Flying lesson in Glasgow is an absolute winner.


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