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[email protected] is home to some of the country’s best adrenaline activity rides, including SkyWire – England’s longest zip-wire. Take in spectacular views of the Cornish coast and countryside before soaring 660 meters, head first, above the world famous Eden Biomes. Fly on England’s longest and fastest zip-wire then choose to either plummet at 50mph from 65ft over a cliff edge on a giant swing, or take a leap of faith from a 12 meter platform on to a giant air bag, or ‘free fall’ 33ft with The Drop, a state of the art simulator! Once you’ve checked in, head to the harnessing area where you’ll get kitted up. Looking the part in your specially designed flight suit you will be transported to the dispatch tower to receive a comprehensive and reassuring safety brief. 100 meters above the ground and right over the cliff edge, prepare to be suspended face first in a superman style flying position. Don’t panic, the experienced instructors are with you every step of the way. They’ll even hold your hand if you need it. This feels like the closest thing to flying, get ready to cruise 660 meters at a cool 60mph, in no more than 40 seconds. It’s half a mile of pure exhilaration and you’ll get to see Eden, the coast and the Cornish countryside like you’ve never seen it before. At the other end the automatic braking system will ensure you come to a gentle stop, even if your heart is still pounding.Then it’s time to choose which exciting experience to participate in next, or you may choose to stop to buy yourself a drink or snack before you next adventure. However, if you can’t contain your eagerness you can choose to go straight on to one of the following experiences:Giant Gravity Swing – Plummet at 50mph from 65ft over a cliff edge, in a giant swing. Experience some serious G force swiftly followed by the weightlessness of zero gravity. You can ride solo or with up to two friends. The Drop – A true leap of faith and a chance to take in one of the most spectacular views in Cornwall, The Drop is a controlled 33ft fall from a purpose built platform, out over the cliff edge. Attached to a state of the art XL descender, participants will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush on this short but sweet activity as they plummet towards the ground in seconds.Big Air – Release your inner stunt man on this epic jump onto a giant air bag. Work your way up the tower, starting on a 2 meter high platform, walk to the edge and take the plunge. Then it is up to the 6 meter platform for another jump, then finally the top of the tower at 12 meters if you dare!


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