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Cloud dancing in Cornwall with the Super Decathlon! Aerobatics in Cornwall – where better to see the world upside down than a place that boasts the magnificent Cornish coast and countryside all around? These aerobatics flights operate out of Bodmin Airfield just a few miles northeast of Bodmin and right on the edge of Bodmin Moor. It’s a lovely little airfield that’s owned and managed by the Cornwall Flying Club a very active organisation that hosts experiences fly-ins vehicle meets and more. The whole team is passionate about flying. For Super Decathlon pilot Andy and friends the aim of the game here in Cornwall is to make aerobatics accessible. Even plane-mad youngsters get a look in as these flights are open to teens from 14 years old. So what can we tell you about the Super Decathlon? Well with its fully inverted fuel system and constant prop speed it’s a fully-rated aerobatics aircraft capable of +6 and -5g. This particular Super Decathlon has a rather well-known former owner too: James May of Top Gear and motoring fame. And although we can’t vouch for how much time James spent upside down in his own aircraft we can guarantee that (if you’re up for it) you certainly will be getting fully inverted on your Super Decathlon aerobatics experience! Prepare yourself for stall turns loops rolls and chandelles in the skies over Cornwall. We are offering 30 and 60-minute flights in the Super Decathlon of Bodmin. It’s totally up to you whether you go aerobatic or prefer to take in the wonderful lush moorland and coastline scenery this corner of Cornwall is famous for. But let’s face it performing tricks was what this plane was made for so we highly recommend you go for it! If you book a 60-minute flight you get the best of both worlds. The first half will be all about the aerobatics. The second part is more like a flying lesson with the highlight being the moment your pilot gives you the chance to take the controls of the plane yourself. Be it gentle cruising or full-on aerobatics over Cornwall it’s going to be a fun flight out of Bodmin!


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