AFF Level 1 Skydiving Course in Kent


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A ‘Number One’ feature on many a bucket list, skydiving is an activity dreamed of by many and completed by few. The sheer thrill of free-falling thousands of feet in mere seconds is unrivalled by other extreme sports, they just can’t compare! Taking an AFF Level 1 Course is the first stage toward becoming a fully fledged skydiver, which gives you the power to jump from various heights, without additional training, completely solo! So, what are you waiting for? The AFF Level 1 Skydiving Course takes place at Headcorn Airfield in Kent, run by several instructors who have thousands of jumps under their belts. The first day of training will take place on the ground, learning the manoeuvres and techniques necessary for a safe jump, with the actual jump taking place the next day. Rising to 12,000ft, the aircraft door will slowly slide open, giving you a full view of the landscape below. You will be jumping alone, but two instructors will dive with you, guiding your freefall until you reach 5,000ft and deploy the parachute – then it’s plain sailing! You’re safe in the knowledge that the Headcorn instructors have been diving for years, and can offer professional, informative tutelage, allowing you to accomplish the incredible feat of skydiving. The AFF Level 1 Course is the first of an 8 Level programme, which finishes with a full skydiving qualification. The perfect experience for anyone who’s interested in taking skydiving up as a regular hobby.


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