Airbus A320 Motion Flight Simulator Manchester


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Take off in this full-motion Airbus flight simulator in Salford! A full range of flight durations are available at this flight simulator facility at Broadway in Salford Quays. Whether you want to fly a short hop from your local airport or fancy flying a complete sector in real time you can do it all here. Identical twins (no you’re not seeing double) Stuart and Alan Russell are the brains behind this Salford simulator. They’ve both been passionate about aviation since watching aircraft fly over their childhood home on the Glasgow flight path. They both joined the RAF at 17 and both have extensive experience in flying various aircraft in military and commercial capacities. Now they want to show you what flying is all about. Together they have designed and built this faithful replica of an Airbus A320 cockpit. Using actual Airbus sidesticks Airbus system architecture and 220 degree HD visuals it all feels very very real. What’s more it moves like a real plane too thanks to the six-axis motion system. As captain of this Airbus you’re the one who decides where you go at what time of day and even the weather conditions. Pretty much any scenario can be simulated here in Salford so whether you want to take off from local Manchester Airport or fancy a tricky landing into Innsbruck it’s all possible. Throughout your time in the sim a fully qualified pilot (either Stuart Alan or one of the professional team) will be sitting alongside you in the first officer’s seat. That way if it’s your first time they’ll be able to help you achieve those flying dreams. What we love most about this Airbus flight simulator is that you can bring up to two people to join you either to watch or share the sim time with you making it great value for money for an HD full-motion Airbus A320 simulator of this calibre. Oh and we love the actual rows of actual airliner seats in the waiting area! Book your sim slot in Salford and see this superb set up for yourself.


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