App Development MADE EASY: A Glide Apps Course in Glideapps


Low code glide app development for beginners

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Would you love to create colourful, amazing and elegant apps without STRESS?I’m about to share with you a powerful way to achieve thisYes, Low Code App developers are in high demand! They are also amongst the well-paid developers today, earning an average income of $50 – $100 per hour on a project. The Low code tool is EASY to learn, yet POWERFUL. Learning Low Code App Development opens up the possibilities of a whole new earning potential in the Digital economy. The course is presented in an easy-to-follow format in five essential videos.I put in my very BEST to make it as easy to understand as possible for EVERYONE! There will be no quizzes, no assignments, no exercises. These are too academic and theoretical. The focus in this course is to reinforce the concepts through practical video explanations. THERE IS ZERO THEORY, THE COURSE IS 100% PRACTICAL AND YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE ALONG WITH ME AS I CREATE THE APP. This is a hands-on course that provides the student with step-by-step guidance in low code app development. There are no prerequisites for this course. This is a foundation course in app development that does not assume any knowledge of app development or low code tools. This course DOES NOT CLAIM to teach everything, just as no other courses can ever teach you everything you need to know about low code development and all the toolsThe main purpose of this course is to ensure students MASTER the essential concepts of the Glideapps tool so that they will begin to LOVE app development and build their own apps themselves and for other companies. This course wants you to be inspired to express your creativity through the apps you build. Come on and join me in my lesson. So let’s get started. Cheers and Happy Learning! Akanbi AdedamolaCourse InstructorProject – Real Estate AppWe would be developing a real estate app together in the class.


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