Aviation: Aircraft Ground Support Equipment


Learn about nearly 20 different types of ground support equipment and operations in aircraft ground handling.

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Do you know there are nearly 20 different Ground Handling activities performed on an airplane? and that each of these activities is performed by a specialized machine, vehicle or piece of equipment designed for that very purpose. An airport gate, aircraft bay or stand, whatever you name it, becomes a very busy place when an aircraft is parked there. Tens of different machines and personnel gather around the aircraft for its servicing to make it ready for the next flight as soon as possible because an aircraft doesn’t make profit staying on the ground. It needs to get back in air as soon as possible. Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) refers to all these specialized vehicles and machines that are used in Ground Handling Operations/Ramp Operations to service an aircraft in-between flights. They are of many types and perform many different aircraft support operations and aircraft servicing activities to prepare the aircraft for the next flight. This course is designed to explain all of these ground support operations performed by each of these Ground Support Equipment in detail to look at how many of them are there and what role does each equipment play. It explains how each equipment works and its different types and configurations. This course will not just name the equipment with their descriptions, NO! This course will explain why is this ground support operation there? Why does the aircraft need support in this thing? Why a specialized machine for this purpose? By explaining these intuitive questions, this course will build a good conceptual foundation of ground support operations.


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