Aviation Meteorology: Enroute Weather


Master Weather charts and Advisories: SIGWX, Wind/Temperature, Synoptic, Satellite, SIGMET, AIRMET, PIREP, etc.

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Aviation Meteorology: Enroute Weather course is aviation and airline related course where you will learn to read and interpret enroute (inflight) weather charts and advisories. My intention is that you understand the practical usage of weather for aviation and learn how it can impact airline operations and aircraft performance. The course is built from Airline Operations and Dispatch perspective based on my own more than 10 years experience in this field. The structure of the course is following: IntroductionEnroute weather chartsEnroute weather advisoriesPractical use of enroute weatherYou will learn such topics as International Standard Atmosphere, Significant Weather Charts, Wind and Temperature charts, Synoptic charts, Weather advisories, Frontal weather systems, Cloud types, Dangerous and Severe weather, Satellite images, Weather impact on aircraft operations and performance, and much more! The objective of this course for you is to be well oriented in Aviation Meteorology practical implementation, and get deep theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject. For better understanding the course contains a lot of graphical information, practical examples, additional reading materials, weather chart samples and quizzes after each section.I encourage you to begin this journey to Aviation Meteorology and you will not regret it! If you have any questions during the course feel free to contact me, I will answer as quick as possible!


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