Cabri G2 20 Minute Helicopter Flying Lesson in Hertfordshire


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Helicopter Experience Days: Have you always dreamt of flying a helicopter? Well, now’s your chance! During this introductory lesson, you’ll be tutored by an experienced pilot, before taking a twenty-minute flight at the controls of a Cabri G2 two-seater. Training is provided by Hertfordshire’s top flying school. They’ve over twenty years’ experience – so rest assured you’ll be in safe hands! On arrival, you’ll head to the classroom for a twenty-minute briefing that will cover basic safety checks, procedures, and emergency drills. Protocol for the helicopter’s dual controls will also be explained, as will Visual Flight Rules. Next, a member of the ground handling team will escort you to the aircraft. After a quick photo opportunity, you’ll take your seat alongside the instructor who’ll take charge during take-off – leaving you free to enjoy the euphoric sensation! Once at altitude, your instructor will choose an appropriate moment to hand over the controls – to you! Here, you’ll practice maintaining the Cabri G2 in a well-controlled hover, before finally returning to solid ground, where you’ll have a chance to purchase photos/DVD footage of the flight. What a rush! The Cabri G2 20-Minute Flying Lesson, in Hertfordshire, is the perfect package for aspiring pilots. Surprise them with an Experience Days gift voucher, today!


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