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All aboard the Caribbean challenge simulator on a flight path to one of the scariest airport approaches in the world! These special offer summertime simulator packages give you the chance to pilot a Boeing 737 airliner on a heading to St Maarten.It’s summer. Your lounging on a white sandy beach where palm trees rustle and the blue azure sea glistens in the sunshine. Just then the blissful silence is shattered by the sound of two Pratt & Whitney jet engines screaming just above your head. You feel sure if you reach up you could touch the undercarriage and the landing gear of this flying behemoth. Seconds later it touches down at Princess Juliana International Airport.Yep this Caribbean simulator challenge is all about the (in)famous St Maarten’s landing. The approach to runway 10 (now runway 9!) is legendary. After a 3 degree glide-slope commercial airliners head right over Maho Beach at very low level. The spectacle attracts holidaymakers thrill seekers and plane spotters alike to witness this incredible approach.And these landings aren’t just once or twice a week. Princess Juliana International Airport handles nearly two million passengers with over 60 000 aircraft movements a year so it is busy. As captain of your very own virtual Boeing 737 you’ll need to keep your wits about you to execute the perfect approach to land right on that centre line.Having aced the landing you’ll need to concentrate for the take-off. Departing from the same fabled runway you’ll need to make a fairly tight turn to avoid the mountain range right on the take off path. Having nailed your first visit to St Maartn you get to do it all over again. The simulator will be re-set and you’ll be back on that landing approach again ready for a quick turnaround and another epic take off.These 30-minute Caribbean challenge simulator sessions take place at a selection of professional simulator training centres around the country. No flying experience is necessary and you can invite a brave passenger to join you up front in the flight deck’s jump seat (that’s the little extra fold-down seat) so they too can get the view of crazy St Maarten from the cockpit!


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