Certificate Course in Aviation Management- Ground/Cabin Crew


Corporate Grooming, Interview Skills, Effective Communication training, Customer Relationship Management- CRM and Quiz.

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A Student will demonstrate: Extensive knowledge about Cargo, Ramp, Terminal, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Aviation safety, fleet management, Ground handling/ Inflight, Regulatory management and moreEquipped with skills and Knowledge that are required to fulfill the role of an Executive/ Manager in the Aviation industry. Performs work activities effectively and efficiently to the standards expected in the operations required in the Aviation industry/hospitality sectors. Analyses situation, identifies problems, formulates solutions and implements corrective and/or mitigating measures and action management into service operations. Demonstrate the ability to develop, examine, question, and explore perspectives or alternatives to problems in day today operations. Airport Ground Handling and Inflight Operations- Terminal/ Ramp/ Aircraft Exteriors and Interiors/ Cabin and Catering/ Passenger handling and services both inflight and on ground/ Cabin Emergencies, threats and challenges- Bomb Threat/ Hijack, announcements, First Aid, Cabin preparation for take off/ cruise and landing. Aviation Law, Finance and Insurance/ Governing Bodies. Various Powered and Non Powered Equipments used in Terminal – Ramp operations/ marshaling and signals/ Runway Airside lightings. Ground Handling Agencies/ Operators worldwide. A brief on the process of operations- After aircraft Landing, Taxing, Marshaling, Parking, Push back, Taxing, take off. A brief on the equipments like tow bars, push back trucks, baggage loaders, dollies, Ground Power Unit, chocks and tripod jacks etc. Complimentary Corporate Grooming, Interview Skills, Body language, Effective Communication training, Customer Relationship Management- CRM and over 1000 Quiz included.


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