Crime & Terrorism in Aviation


History of Crime & Terrorism in Aviation – Lessons learned & countermeasures implemented.

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This course covers the history of Crime & Terrorism in Aviation, discussing motives, methods, lessons learned and resulting countermeasures. History of Crime & Terrorism in Aviation is broken into different time periods as below:o 1930 1960: The first 30 years.o 1960 1980: Early days of Jet Age.o 1980 1990: Implementation of Aviation Security Policies.o 1990 2001: Industry wide false sense of Security.o September 11, 2001o Post 9/11.Course Objectives: Covering significant and noteworthy incidents/forms of crimes and terrorism committed in the history of Aviation. Reviewing and discussing the countermeasures, policies and procedures set as a result of those forms of crimes and terrorism. Reviewing the motivations behind these crimes and acts of terrorism. Reviewing these topics & issues will allow you to gain a deep understanding of security issues within Aviation. By learning from the past, we can more effectively prepare for future threats.


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