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Learn to fly a drone safely with these lessons! Offered at locations around the UK these drone lessons could set you on the road to becoming a pro drone pilot and pro film-maker producing slick aerial images. This drone school has gathered some of country’s finest CAA approved drone pilots to provide the best teaching possible. Crucially all lessons are provided on a one to one basis so they are entirely geared to you and your needs. The idea is that the teaching incorporates both theory and practical so as well as hands-on drone operating you get a good understanding of the technicalities and issues behind operating drones. Indeed this company devised the drone lessons as an extra after-sales service for clients who were buying drones from their shop. It has to be said a professional-standard drone like the DJI Phantom doesn’t come cheap and whilst the manufacturer says it can be flown straight out the box you risk crashing or even losing the drone if you haven’t been taught the basics. And now having given over 3000 hours of coaching and drone lessons between them these pro pilots have got delivering drone lessons spot on. They’ve devised what they call the 4:4:3 methodology for learning how to fly a drone and they reckon with an hour of private tuition from your CAA approved drone pilot anyone can be safely flying and filming with their drone. A second hour allows for more flying time and gives you the chance to experience some of DJI’s fantastic ‘intelligent flight’ modes even instructing the drone to fly itself! Each lesson is bespoke to you too. So if you’ve already dipped your toe into the world of drones and actually want to make the most of the DJI Go App that’s possible. So is the chance to focus on how to get the best out of your filming and stills photography using a drone. You can even use the lesson as a stepping stone to learn more about getting your PfCO (that’s the Permission for Commercial Operations certification from the CAA). Then again if you’re a total beginner you’ll appreciate a lesson covering the 10 most common reasons why people crash their drones and how to avoid these mistakes. The locations for these 1:1 drone lessons are varied. For example in Chester your base is the company’s headquarters with lakeside drone flying right outside the offices. In Bradford you’ll be treated to stunning views over the River Aire whilst in Scotland the Pentland Hills are your picturesque backdrop. No matter which location you choose you will learn to fly a drone in just one or two hours thanks to the one to one coaching from the professional drone pilots who lead these bespoke courses. All you’ll need to do then is save your pennies to buy the full drone and camera set up!


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