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Any plane any time anywhere – that’s what they say about this flight simulator in Norwich! The beauty of this multi flight simulator is that it is capable of simulating a huge range of aeroplanes in a many different locations so we reckon it’s the most flexible simulator we have on our books.This training simulator is based at Norwich’s Felthorpe Airfield just north west of Norwich city centre. It’s a privately-owned unlicensed airfield used by club members with an impressive fleet of classic and modern light aircraft. As it is still very much a active general aviation airfield site you could say it’s where training meets reality!The centre is run by John Hoyte a very experienced CAA pilot instructor whose CV covers everything from commercial airline pilot to crop sprayer. Now retired Captain Hoyte loves nothing better than to welcome aviation fans to discover the joys of simulated flight here in Norwich. And indeed as well as offering the standard one hour experience we have a special multiple flight option for budding pilots which gives you a set of five one hour lessons where you can even follow the standard pilot training programme if you wish.Now back to that declaration that this setup can simulate pretty much any aeroplane in any place in the world. This is Lockheed Martin Prepar3d simulator software at its very best with a huge bank of aircraft to choose from. Maybe you’ve always fancied firing up a Spitfire for a cruise over the Channel or maybe you’d like to see if you can handle the behemoth that is the Vulcan bomber? If you want to go modern how about piloting an Extra stunt plane or perhaps a huge hulk of an airliner? All these and a whole lot more are possible. What also sets this flight simulator in Norwich apart is the fact that all participants get to enjoy a ‘flight’ in Cessna 172 by way of introduction to your experience. With expert guidance from Captain John you will go for an introductory virtual flight. That means you can appreciate how it all works and just how realistic the graphics are as well as giving you the chance to appreciate the full vibration and impressive sound system too. Then it’s over to you to choose whichever plane you want and where you’d like to go in the world on your main simulator flight.


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