Flying Lesson in Cornwall – 30 minutes


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: This 30 minute flying lesson in Cornwall takes you to the skies in a wonderful 2 seater aircraft; the Cessna 152. The perfect introduction to flying for anyone who longs to take control of an aircraft as it soars through the air — all under the watchful eye of a highly professional instructor, of course! This experience begins at the airfield with a welcome and a full pre-flight briefing, taking you through all the safety stuff as well as introducing you to the principles of flying a light aircraft. Once you’ve got the theory out of the way, it’s time to head to the two-seater Cessna and get ready for take off! Your instructor will do this part, of course – you won’t be expected to take off on your first day! But once you’re airborne and soaring high over the gorgeous Cornish coast, you will have the opportunity to take the controls and actually fly the plane yourself – an incredible opportunity and a totally memorable moment. The pilot will take you safely back to earth at the end of your flight, and you’ll receive a flight certificate as a memento, but also proof that you’ve completed the first step along the way to obtaining your private pilot’s licence, should you wish to take it further… For an unforgettable gift, the perfect way to see Cornwall from a whole new perspective, or the perfect first step in earning that pilot’s licence, choose this wonderful 30 minute flying lesson in a Cessna 152 two-seater!


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