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In this virtual private pilot licence training programm you will learn all the basics to fly a plane with a flight simulator or in real life, follow this programm with an official flight instructor and examinator. My name is Julien RENAUD, i have three thousands hours of flight expereicne in several places in the world, i m teaching flying lessons in a approved training organisation pand moroever i m also an airline pilot, i fly as a captain for 2 years now. Learn to fly a plane has never been so easy, this course can be followed by beginners, pilots in training or real pilots who already have thier licence if they did not fly for a while and need a practical refresh. With this high quality videos you will feel the sensations of a real flight with all the explanations, interactive course, if you dont understand you can make a reverse, real pilots are trained with simulator, why not you? people spend hundreds of dollars because of failed sessions while they just need to review the principles items of a flight, that what i m proposing with this programm.I hope you will learn a lot thanks to this programm and take profit of my experience as an instructor and examinator.


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