Four Seater Flying Lesson in Glasgow (30 Mins)


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: If you want to learn how to fly a Cessna and experience the unique thrill that comes from piloting a plane, look no further than this brilliant 30 Minute Four Seater Flying lesson near Glasgow. At Scotland’s top flight training centre, this is an exceptional opportunity for you and a guest to experience first hand the joys of flying … prepare yourself for an adrenaline buzz that will last all day! Taught by expert pilots, you will learn the basics of flight before you climb aboard a four-seater Cessna along with your instructor. If you are doing the flying you will sit at the front beside the instructor, and your guest will sit behind, free to marvel at the sensational views of the North Lanarkshire countryside that will unfold beneath you as you fly. After a take-off performed by your instructor, you will be handed the controls and then it’s your turn! You will be flying for 30 electrifying minutes, after which you will land back at the aerodrome and have a post-flight de-briefing, before being awarded a certificate – this can count towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence should you wish to pursue flying.Whether you are serious about flying and want to obtain your Private Pilot’s Licence, just want to see what flying is like with a friend, or are looking for a unique experience gift for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with this exhilarating and exceptional gift. Soar to cloud nine today!


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