Full Motion Flight Simulator Bristol


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Chocks away for your session in a full motion flight simulator in Bristol! This flying club is the place to come to in the South West for simulator training. It’s the only one of its kind in the UK and gives you all the moves and motion of real flight. The location for your experience is the main office of this flight club and training school based in the Silver Zone of Bristol International Airport. It’s a modern purpose-built facility right next to the apron and is a really smart set up ready to welcome all students. The simulator this Bristol team has installed is unique. It’s a Redbird MCX which is a versatile set up to represent many different types of light aircraft and small jets. It’s a standalone capsule mounted on a cradle which is what facilitates the full motion of this simulator. Inside it’s dual control with a full glass cockpit and the working controls. The advantage of taking a sim session at a flying school is that you are immersed in aviation from the moment you swing into the car park right on the edge of buzzing Bristol Airport’s runway. You’ll be welcomed by one of the operations team and introduced to your host who will be a fully-qualified pilot instructor so they know how to do this stuff for real! With impressive wrap-around screens projecting HD graphics it all feels very realistic. And of course being full-motion means you feel every bump in the tarmac as you taxi every banking sensation as you turn left or right and all that acceleration or deceleration. It’s thrilling stuff – especially when it’s you in control. We are offering 30 or 60-minute sessions in this flight simulator in Bristol. During that time you’ll be captain of the plane flying where you want and in whatever flight conditions you fancy. And in what is quite possibly the most civilised sim session ever you can even add a light lunch in the club’s Flight Lounge for the complete sim package at Bristol Airport!


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