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Autogyro gyroplane or gyrocopters in Essex – whatever you call these funky little aircraft they are great fun to fly! These flight experiences take off from the delightful Damyns Hall Aerodrome and give you a bird’s eye view of the London east area. Just three miles north of the QE2 bridge across the Thames at Dartford Damyns Hall is a great place to take a gyrocopter lesson. As you soar over the Essex countryside the London City skyline is never far away and it’s totally amazing to be able to look down and see the traffic snaking along the M25 and the boats on the Thames. But these gyrocopter flights out of this Essex base aren’t just about sightseeing they’re about airmanship too! Chief instructor Owen Brooking will be getting you airborne in an open-cockpit gyro and making sure you have plenty of time to have a go at the controls too. And in case you’re wondering what it’s like in a gyroplane they are actually really stable as there are no wings to cause that bumpy turbulence as the rotor blades simply slice through the air. You can also hover over the Essex countryside in a gyrocopter but you can’t do vertical take offs and landings as you can’t increase in height whilst hovering. Having said that you only need a tiny airstrip to take off and land one of these things making them super agile. Once you’re airborne out of Damyns Hall your cruising altitude will be about 800ft which is lower than helicopters and fixed wing planes. This means you can literally see everything that’s going on below will is utterly fascinating and mesmerising as although the aerodrome is off a narrow country lane in Essex there is so much going on around you with roads train lines and the river too. We could say flying in a gyrocopter at Essex’s Damyns Hall is a hidden gem of an activity but now we’ve told you all about it! There’s plenty of opportunity to take a lesson though as the school operates flights (subject to the weather) all through the year. It’s also really easy to get to on the c2c train underground and by car. Isn’t it time you joined the gyrocopter revolution and booked a flight?


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